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After 12 exciting years, Knudsen & Streuber part company since January 2019. Kristine Knudsen moves on at Knudsen Pictures GmbH and Tom Streuber at Tom, Dick & Harry GmbH. Thanks a lot for all your support – and off to new adventures!


RICHARD THE STORK will fly to Berlinale 2017 and then all around the world! Please have a look at our TEASERTRAILER & the release dates of your territory.


Variety features RICHARD THE STORK

our 3D-animation which is in post-production.

Please follow the flock.


Press release for BIOPIC about Ensaf Haidar’s breathtaking love story with Saudi Arabian social activist and blogger Raif Badawi, edited by The Hollywood Reporter.


and become a part of it – via VoD.

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KNUDSEN & STREUBER MEDIENMANUFAKTUR GmbH was founded in 2006 in Berlin to develop and produce movies. We believe in movie-theatres being a social space for visions widening the perspectives on life through entertainment.

We are dedicated to build the magical bridge between mainstream and art house – respecting genre as a designed product of fine craftsmanship, nourishing art as an essential icebreaker for visions that blow your mind.

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